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Beer Fest

Maftown Beer Festival™ is a twenty hours (20hrs) long outdoor event that celebrates the heritage and culture of beer crafting and brewing.

Beer in this instance does not refer to the traditional beer brewed from malt and barley, but includes non and alcoholic beverages like wines, rum, ales, ciders, whiskey, scotch etc.

When compared to other beer festivals across the land, focus is not only pulling attention of beer connoisseurs, but our ability to accommodate and connect both modern and kasie socialites in one area, whilst enjoying their music and food, hence pay off line is:

"Its all about BEER-MUSIC-CULTURE"

A Fully Set-up

Food Court

With Tables, Chairs, Speed Braais, Grills, Display Fridges, etc


06H00 - 00H00

Cider | Wine | Whiskey | Spirits | Cocktails


The word "Beer" in "Maftown Beer Festival" does not only refer to the traditional beer brewed from malt and barley, but includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages like Wines, Rum, Ales, Ciders, Whiskey, Scotch etc.

There will be Various Branded Experiential Corners, where each brand will exclusively supply its product line.

MBF 2018 will treat our patrons to a lot of variety this year. We are talking about the best of SA, Botswana, Namibia, Belgium and German Beer.

Service Hours 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM


Secure Parking

Please note that there will be a 24 hour surveillance team guarding all cars, CCTV and Armed Response teams will also be allocated at various parking spots in and around the event locations. Please come early to avoid any incoveniences.

To All Botswana Patrons, a special parking with armed response, marshals and special tagging will be arranged for you at an additional R50.00. This is just one of the ways to ensure that you get to enjoy yourself at the event without worrying about your cars.

Service Hours 06H00 - 06H00

World Class

Accomodation Facilities

This year, we will be collaborating with various hotels and Bed & Breakfast Accomodation Facilities, we urge both our international & national Patrons to Book a hotel/B&B as early as possible to avoid dissapointments

To Book a Hotel or a B&B, simply go to our Home Page and Select a Hotel of your choice, set the check-in and check-out dates and then check the facility's for availability. Three simple steps and you are done.

Worry not if there is no Hotel/B&B available, you can still search for others online. Make sure that you don't book too far though.

Search For Hotels in Mahikeng

World Class


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Service Hours 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Event Organizers Say...

“If you’re looking for a top quality event look no further. MBF has been growing steadily for the past 5 years, this year will surely be bigger and better”

Joseph Mataboge

“Unlike other Beer Festivals, we are able to accommodate and connect both modern and kasie socialites in one area, enjoying their food & music”

Olebogeng Seane

“Mahikeng and Surrounding areas will experience an event of a lifetime. This year, we will add Jazz Lovers to our regular crowd”

Ronnie Moabi

The Great Outdoors